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Omer Wing Sail Ltd

Modern technology yields a new generation of wing sails. Instead of trying to make sails look like a wing - we now have the real thing, the wing itself.

Wings are aerodynamically more efficient than sails. They provide more lift (Driving Force) with much less drag (Heeling Force). The wing's small Angle of Attack gives Excellent Upwind Performance.

  • Yields much better performance
  • Hoists and reefs like a conventional mainsail
  • simple to trim and handle
  • Employs a simple variable geometry soft wing sail
  • Facilitates short and single handed sailing
  • Uses conventional marine hardware, available anywhere

When air flows over a wing, there are changes in air velocity and pressure. These changes determine the aerodynamic force on the wing . Lift is a component of this force.

Reefing the Omer Wingsail is as easy as a conventional sail

Omer wingsail foldsand looks like a conventional soft sail plan and Omer wingsail uses uses lazy jacks for easy sailing

The working components of the Omer Wingsail is not complex... tracks up the mast control the sail shape and the sail is raised up and down these tracks - There will no longer be any violent beating of sail fabric if your sailing a the Omer Wingsail

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