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Hydrofoil Assisted Passenger Catamaran

NV42 Outlander Catamarans Passenger Cat and Cargo Catamaran

NV42 power catamaran 36 passenge rcapacity

NV42 Hydrofoil Assisted Catamaran Kit

2 helms stations - 2 bath rooms - long range fuel tanks - 25kt cruise

42ft Outlander passenger and cargo catamaran
25 passengers and cargo Outboard or Diesel Electric Hybrid system
25 kt cruise


NV42 Outlander landingcraft is as unique a catamaran as they come Hydrofoil assisted for efficiency and stabilty




Hydrofoil Installation for 42Ft Catamaran

The Hydrofoil mounts just behind the center of gravity and is ajustable to find the correct trim for the weight of the Catamaran after launching. A high lift foil is used which we have developed to work at lower speeds for fuel effiecency and lower planing cruise speed. Trim tabs are controlled to keep to the Hydrofoil and hulls attitudes at the optimum angles for best effiecency and comfortable ride for the passengers.

hydrofoil supported catamaran

The struts are mounted to the bridge deck and the Hydrofoil tips are mounted to stainless plates on the keel of each hull. The 2 degrees of incidence that the Hydrofoil uses to generate lift when ever the boat is moving.

Hydrofoil assisted catamaran

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