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NV Catamaran kits and plans

Unique - fun to build - cost effective and a satisfying experience your whole family can enjoy and learn from... building a Catamaran kit - Or have your kit catamaran built for you, we will assemble any of our kit catamarans. Our molded hulls and flat panel construction means your catamaran comes together quickly for fast satifing results - Our Kits are built using composites and wood from 27 - 60ft. If you want a Power Catamaran Kit - Sailing Catamaran Kit - Motorsailing Sailing Catamaran Kit all our Multihulls can use Hydrofoil Technology and Diesel Electric Hybrid power system for the most fuel efficent Multihull yet. Our kits are great for oversee boat enthusiasts you want to arrive at canary wharf hotels in style or stand out from the crowd at the St Tropez dock. The satisfaction you will gain from building your own boat is second to none. It won't be long until all your friends will want to build one to.

New NV 42 Catamaran Kit under construction in March 2009

Kit Catamarans
detailed plans - assembly manual -composite hulls - bulkheads - bridgedeck and deck panels - hydrofoil system

Click here to see the contents of $60,000 30ft Power Catamaran Kit

Catamaran Plans
Catamaran plans for sale includes easy to follow manual - detailed drawings - huge photo photo gallery of how to build - material list - building support

NV30 Hydrofoil Assisted Power Kit Catamaran

Propulsion units for our catamarans

Raised helm station
Large dinning table
Queen sized beds
Fully equipped galley

Outboard and Electric Hybrid
Shower with full bathroom
Step down sterns
Large aft cockpit

These Mahogany hulls come are ready to be and leveled and jigged

30ft cat bridgedeck Hulls 30ft catamaran catamaran interior

working on the interior before the bridgedeck goes on. This allows for easy access

catamaran cabin catamaran bow section

prefit panels for the Bridge deck made with Nida-Core panels

catamaran bridgedecking catamaran bridgedeck panles catamaran stern

Bridgedeck kit built with Nida - Core is being glued into place


Window design and fitting of new cabin and flybridge

Open concept Interior with aft seating

19 ft Twin Consoled Sportfishing Catamaran

19 ft Catamaran Fishing Sciff built from plans designed by Multihull Boat Building. This catamarans performance is enhanced using a hydrofoil in the tunnel. Increasing performance by 40%, this cat planes at 10kts and has a top speed of 45kts.

NV22 Catamaran



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