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Catamaran Kit Components and Assembly


2 Composite hulls built using Nida-core foam and honeycomb coring materials laminated in our molds with Vinylester resin






Our mold roll so there is no vertical resin application. Gravity enables good resin saturation throughout the hulls laminate

Composite bridgedeck panels laminatedusing Nida-Core foam filled honeycomb core material

The panels are pre sized and flanged for very fast and easy installation

The curved panels are prescribed for forward bridgedeck curve

This30ft catamaran used composite and wood panels for the deck to allow max head room inside hulls and maintaining the low profile of the boat- The window templates is finalized and ready for the lexan to be cut

The above photo also shows the leading edge if the catamaran is solid clear Fur- this ensures limited damage due to any mishaps

The roof panels of this catamaran kit are mahogany plywood in the interior surface and scored Nida-core foam filled honeycomb then laminated with glass on the exterior enabling unsupported clear span of the cabin roof


This kit used mahogany over composite for the some of the deck and cabin as the owner wanted the tradition and warmth of a wood interior- composites cored panels were used for the large insupported span of the roof- bedroom and foredeck



This catamaran kits structure took 300hrs for one person to assemble
the flybridge will be installed next spring- the interior will be trimed finished over our cold Canadain winter

The total wieght of this30ft catamaran at this stage of construction is 2250 lbs

Please check back often as we will be updating the kit page

There is a great movement afloat in the
world of multihulls

Multihulls Breaking records at every turn Team Ellen the young age of 28 Ellen has just crushed all solo round world records aboard her Nigel Irens designed Trimaran . This newest breed of catamaran is a foil-assisted planning hulled machine Yues Parlier has chosen to build and race.l

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