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NV Support and Tactical Catamarans

Growing maritime security issues in shipping lanes throughout the oceans have generated inquires for fast support and tactical catamarans to protect vessels of all sizes. Oil Tankers - Private Mega Yachts - Cruising Yachts - Cargo Vessels all require maritime escort support and security services in a many parts of the ocean and NV Catamarans has developed catamarans to service the developing security industry.


Aggressive - Scary and Fast is the objective of the NV 150 Maritime Security Support Catamaran. With speeds over 40kts and and fully armored hulls and crew Quarters for extended missions makes this catamaran a worthy foe

NV 150 is a Tubine Powered Support Catamaran that is designed to make any aggressor think twice about confronting a vessel escorted by a maritime security service's using our catamarans. The NV150 carries up to three 43ft 100mph plus Tactical Turbine Powered Catamarans a helicopter and up to 20 personal and can be fully armed

NV 150 Support Catamaran's repair bay can fully service one of our 43ft Tactical Turbine Catamarans that may have be damaged during operations. A 15000 kg marine crane is installed for loading and unloading materials and supplies. A vessel retrieval ramp is also installed for easy access to the service bay. Defensive cat walks allow the security team protection and visability against any aggression that may be encounterd.

NV 43 Tactical Turbine Catamarans

Speeds well over 100 mph - three 50 caliber mounted machine guns and a water cannon should change the aggrssors attitude. Full armor plating with nano technology and a blend of exotic fibers including Kevlar - Carbon with Advanced Ceramic coatings to protect your professional crew.

NV 43 Tactical Turbine Catamaran's has a poly tube built with a blend exotic fibers fitted added along each side of the NV Tactical Catamaran. The tube is offers added protection incoming projectials and from damage from coming along side vessels in ruff sea's. NV Catamarans use Hydrofoil Assisted Technology for added stablity and increased handling at high speeds.

NV 43 Tactical Turbine Catamaran's aft open access was is developed for easy retrieval of dive personel and man overboard encounters during operations.

Turbine Marine inc. are the master's of offshore marine turbine installations and the new TM 1850 with 1850 peek hp with multi fuel capabilites in Turbine Marines fully marinized turbine enigine.

NV43 Tactical Stealth Catamaran

Hydro-Foil Assisted Multihulls

Hydro- foils are becoming more familiar in the Multihulls, every year catamarans and trimarans are having foils added or designed into there structure. Foils are a low cost development that increases performance by up to 40%. Racing Multihulls have been utilizing the lifting abilities by of a foil by incorporating the lift into there dagger boards by angling the boards so they produce lift. We go one step farther and make a horizontal foil that reaches across the tunnel of our catamarans. We use a high lift foil to generate maximum lift between 10 to 35 kts.

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