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Power Catamarans - Sport Fishing Multihulls

Power Sport Fishing Catamaran Kit - build this boat yourself or have it built for you in our custom boat building yard - or buy our easy to follow plans

30ft Power Catamaran using Hydrofoil Supported Technologie

30ft E-TEC Outboard powered catamaran

30ft Hydrofoil Assisted Custom Power Catamaran30ft x 12ft composite and wood power cat being custom built from one of our kits

Custom designed power catamarans and sport fishing multihulls
Low cost plans - Easy to build kits - E-Tec Outboard
composite materials
Hydrofoil supported catamaran technology - Fuel efficient - stable - safe - fast

42ft Power Catamaran Hydrofoil Assisted Cruising Yacht
Now under construction check back for updates and photos of the build

Power options for our Catamarans
Diesel Electric Hybrid Power Systems
E_tec Outboards - Conventionl Direct Drive Diesels
we strongly believe in the Levi surface drives

42ft Diesel Electric Power Catamaran

NV 42 features

4 queen bed cabins - 2 bathrooms
Hydrofoil assisted efficient hulls
20kt cruise

22ft Sportfishing Power Catamaran

Hydrofoil Assisted power cat
70 hp outboard powered catamaran with Evinrude E-TEC
seating for 6

19ft Hydrofoil Assisted Sport Fishing Catamaran

19ft power catamaran

Our 19ft Hydro-Foil Assisted Powercatamaran flies out of the water with a
70 hp outboard.

Sport Fishing Power Catamaran

Stable - spacious - comfortable - the perfect power catamaran sciff

Hydrofoil Assisted Catamaran

Our custom Boat building yard will build you a kit catamaran or complete catamaran for your boating pleasure




Hydro-Foil Assisted Multihulls

Hydro- foils are becoming more familiar in the Multihulls, every year catamarans and trimarans are having foils added or designed into there structure. Foils are a low cost development that increases performance by up to 40%. Racing Multihulls have been utilizing the lifting abilities by of a foil by incorporating the lift into there dagger boards by angling the boards so they produce lift. We go one step farther and make a horizontal foil that reaches across the tunnel of our catamarans. We use a high lift foil to generate maximum lift between 10 to 35 kts.

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