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Multihull Boat Building's Propulsion System

E-Tec Outboards


Levi Drives® are an evolution of the Step Design surface drive propulsion systems. Elegant yet simple in design, they offer optimum ease and flexibility in installation.

Levi Drive® Features

Highly reliable
  Made from the highest quality corrosion-resistant materials, Levi Drive’s design is extremely simple which ensures its trouble-free operation.
Compact & light
  Made to be compact and light to enhance the engine’s efficiency and minimise stern protrusion.
Greater efficiency
  Its streamline design and features contribute to 10% to 15% improved efficiency of the vessel’s engine.
Easy fitting
  The transom mounting design makes it quick and simple to fit Levi Drives® without the hassle of shaft alignment and fitting needed in other propulsion systems.
Engine position versatility
  The engine may be fitted amidships or right aft without the added complication of a costly V-Drive and transmission shaft.
Pure speed
  Since only half the disk is submerged, appendage drag is eliminated and offers greater cruising speeds.
Better acceleration & helm control


There is a great movement afloat in the
world of multihulls

Multihulls Breaking records at every turn Team Ellen the young age of 28 Ellen has just crushed all solo round world records aboard her Nigel Irens designed Trimaran . This newest breed of catamaran is a foil-assisted planning hulled machine Yues Parlier has chosen to build and race.l

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